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Welcome to THNKDFFRNT. We are a modern-day business and career consultancy guiding and supporting brands, businesses, companies, and the corporate world to create humanity plus organisations that do good for everyone and move humanity forward.

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We believe that brands, businesses, companies, and all organisations no matter how big or small have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to create Humanity+ organisations through creating thriving workplace cultures, products, and services that improve people’s lives in a deeply meaningful way and creates a ripple effect throughout the wider community and the world at large and do their bit to look after the planet we call home.

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We have developed a 5-pillar approach through our consulting and coaching services that guide and support brands, businesses, and companies of all shapes and sizes to create a Humanity+ organisations while contributing to the world in a meaningful way and all within a model that does good for everyone and moves humanity forward…

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Your Team

Your team is the people who show up every day to help your brand, business, and company function. And, in a fast-changing world, more and more people are wanting to be part of brands, businesses, and companies that are making a difference. With this in mind, the first step in creating a Humanity+ brand, business, and company is becoming crystal clear on your core purpose aka ‘WHY’, shared values, and overriding company missions.


Your Customers

After your team, your customers are the single most important people to your organisation for without them you don’t have a business. And, one of the purposes of creating a Humanity+ brand, business, and company is to touch not just your customers, but your end consumers’ lives in a deeply meaningful way. Think about whose life you’re touching through what you do, and ask, how are you touching their lives in a meaningful way and positively making a difference?


The Wider Community

By bringing what you do into the world it’s not just the lives of who you directly touch that you’re having an impact on. No, there is a ripple effect throughout the community and industries in which you operate. How are you positively contributing to advancing the lives of those in the wider community?


The World At Large

The world at large refers to exactly that, the world at large. The ripple effect goes beyond the wider community and in some shape or form touches the lives of every human being on this planet. So, what are you doing to positively impact the world at large?


The Environment

We live on this beautiful planet that was here before us and will be hereafter human existence. We are merely the tenents of planet earth and have a responsibility to look after our home. How are you contributing positively to the environment and the planet in which we live?

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We’ve broken down the main types of brands, businesses, companies, and corporate organisations that we love and are passionate about working with to create or turn their organisation into a vehicle that does good for everyone and positively impacts the world in a meaningful way!

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What we do


We consult clients on how to create and bring into the world a meaningful, purposeful, and conscious Humanity+ brand, business, and company that does good for everyone and moves humanity forward.


Through our coaching services, we guide, support, and coach clients every step of the way on developing the mindset and heartset behind creating a Humanity+ brand, business, and company.


We educate clients on why creating a Humanity+ brand, business, and company matters now and is the future of how we all do business.

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